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Privacy policy

In the framework of the execution of our tasks Eandis collects the data of its customers in a file that is self-managed.        
We pass your meter readings on to your energy supplier, who needs these to correctly draw up invoices. Data provided by you to us to obtain premium rates for rational energy use can be passed on to certain governmental bodies (municipalities, provincial authorities, the Flemish authorities): in this way we facilitate the simultaneous processing and payment of coinciding premium rates. Eandis will never use your data for commercial or direct marketing purposes.   

As a customer you have the legal right to inspect and possibly correct your personal data under the Privacy Act (the Act of 8 December 1992 for the protection of your privacy with regard to the processing of personal data). Upon proof of identity we can send you your personal data in writing (free of charge). Just send us a written, dated and signed application at Eandis cvba, Brusselsesteenweg 199, 9090 Melle, Belgium. If required you can always ask us to correct any data which are incorrect, incomplete or not relevant.

Computer technology to protect your privacy

'ReCaptcha' is a security technology which we use to protect your digital data and privacy. By way of a simple test, such as manually ticking a box, we are able to distinguish between 'real' - human - visitors to our website and 'robots' or harmful software of computer criminals and hackers. Click here to find out more about this technology. 

Nowadays almost all web pages contain JavaScript, a scripting programming language that runs on visitor's web browser. It makes web pages functional for specific purposes and if disabled for some reason, the content or the functionality of the web page can be limited or unavailable. Here you can find instructions on how to enable (activate) JavaScript in five most commonly used browsers.

What about your privacy with regard to ‘smart meters’?

At some time in the future all electricity and gas meters will be changed into smart energy meters, which can send and receive data. Following a first positive trial of our own ‘smart meter’ concept in the municipalities of Leest and Hombeek, Eandis has decided to continue down this road. We have started a pilot project during which 40,000 smart meters were installed all over Flanders.

Which data are involved?

Every 15 minutes, Eandis sends the meter reading of the smart meters to its ‘meter operating centre’. In this way we are able to test the various possibilities offered by smart meters. These meter readings are stored in our operating centre: in a secure way, under the exclusive control of Eandis. Smart meters can also provide information on the power quality of the connection.

Some media do not distinguish between meters which read the usage ‘in real-time’ and meters sending an average value for a certain period (such as the smart meters of Eandis). To be clear: with our smart meters it is not possible to detect which type of equipment is present in a house or when it is used.

What will Eandis do with these data?

During the pilot project we use the meter data only to research how we can realise our objective (the development of smart networks). We would like to do this in the most economical way and with maximum respect for privacy.

We do not pass these data on to third parties, with the exception of meter readings provided to energy providers to draw up the final invoice. The data concerned are not used for marketing purposes.

Other trial projects

Not only Eandis is testing smart meters and networks. Universities, research institutions and industrial partners are researching the possibilities and advantages.

Eandis is also making an effort to deepen the research. We want to go further than only testing smart meters in households. This is why we participate in the so-called Linear project, a multidisciplinary research platform. 

Do you (already) have a smart meter? 

If so, your annual usage is used to calculate the amount of the invoice. The meter readings that serve as a basis for this are taken by Eandis in the month in which the meter is read.

The (15-minute) data read remotely, which can be seen on the display of your meter, are only used to test our smart meters and networks. We do not pass these data on to third parties. At the end of the test period we will destroy these data.

Additional information

Do you have any questions about our privacy policy? You can always call our free number for more information: 0800 63 300. Or you can use other ways to contact us. On the website of the Flemish regulator of the electricity and gas market (VREG) you can also find additional information on the privacy aspects of the smart meter. 

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