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PLC filters

The standard portfolio of cost-effective filters includes 40 Amp, 63 Amp, 100 Amp and 250 Amp filters. This portfolio has proven to be successful in a smart meter roll out project, in which each of the 40 000 metered points and all substations have been provided with filters. These filters may be ordered directly from one of the partner filter manufacturers of Eandis.

eenfasige filters 250 A, 63 A en 40 A.
Figure: single phase 250 Amp filter, 63 Amp filter and 40 Amp filter. The latter weights 555 grams and has dimensions of 120 * 58 * 55 mm

The filter portfolio is the result of a year-long build-up of know how related to PLC filters. This know how is currently offered to DSOs worldwide. Together with the partner filter manufacturers, Eandis will help with the design of your customized industrial filters, optimized for the PLC technology you are using.

Multigateway architecture 

The unique concept of Eandis increases reliability and bandwidth through the use of multiple gateways. The specially-designed meter communication modules (SCMs) can either act as a slave or as a master. Configured as a slave, it will send his data to another master over powerline communication (PLC). When configured as a master, it will collect data from other meters and send it to the central server by using the most appropriate communication technology such as GPRS, WiFi or Ethernet. The master / slave configuration can be remotely changed.

Architectuur met meervoudige gateways

Power Line Communication testing service

Being a pioneer in low voltage filtered PLC communication, Eandis has gained much knowledge related to simulating and testing filtered PLC solutions. 

Eandis has built a highly flexible test environment for (filtered) PLC solutions and applications. It can be configured as an exact copy of a real-life situation in Flanders. In this lab, the noise and impedances are measured from a variety of loads. Electrical and functional performance tests are performed on different types of filters, placed at various locations in the network. Ultimately the potential increase in performance on various PLC architectures can be determined. 

Apart from filtered PLC, also interoperability and hardware qualification studies are performed.

As a leader in the area of filtered PLC communication, Eandis makes its testing facilities and services available to distribution system administrators and solution providers throughout the world.

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