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Eandis and Smart meter specifications

Distribution System Operators (DSO’s) need very performing smart metering solutions, in which data is transferred between smart meters and the DSO’s central database through a communication network.

The existing variety of meters and their internal protocol implementation, local regulatory and technological requirements, the differences in the energy market players causes a barrier for worldwide interoperability between different meter vendors.

Beside this variety, every DSO is used to install grid components with a lifetime typically beyond 15 years. The smart meter technology is still evolving rapidly; this makes it extremely difficult to have a future proof solution. Investments in smart meter technology and the corresponding communication network must keep their value during the lifetime it is intended for.

To overcome these problems, Eandis is sharing its insights in an advanced, future proof smart meter assembly.

The Compact Smart Meter Solution is a smart meter hardware platform characterized by its compactness and the possibilities of future energy market requirements towards submetering of local production and/or flexible consumption.

Becoming a standardized product is also the ultimate goal of this compact solution.

Other future proof functionalities are:

  • Versatility towards different smart meter types (electricity-, puls-, gas-, heat-, water-,…)
  • Firmware upgrade requirements
  • Security by design
  • Flexible communication concept

All of these specific requirements go beyond the existing standardization.
As a support for the increasing need of all these requirements, Eandis decided to share the technical specifications in eMUCS: the extended Multi-Utility Companion Specifications. These technical specifications, are being further developed together with three other Belgian DSO’s (Infrax, Sibelga and Resa). Updates will be published on a regular basis.

These specifications and used concepts are certainly very useful for any DSO or supplier looking for in depth specifications.
Everyone who wants to participate in elaborating eMUCS towards an even more complete companion standard, can contact: 
Also any feedback is highly appreciated.

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