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Eandis and Filtered PLC

Regulatory and technological incentives drive Distribution System Operators (DSO’s) towards smart metering solutions, in which data is transferred between electricity meters and the DSO’s central database through a communication network.

The use of Power Line Communication (PLC) is a very favorable solution, since data is sent over the DSO’s proprietary electricity grid. Eandis has developed a system architecture that is very reliable and extremely future-proof. The architecture (which is protected by patent application WO2009000869) combines two key principles: filters and multiple gateways.

PLC suffers from high frequency noise inserted in the network by modern technologies and low input impedances present in modern electrical equipment. Therefore Eandis developed a filter which is specifically designed to remove noise from the distribution network and increase the input impedance. In 2010, a proof-of-concept, involving smart metering of 4 000 households, showed that the filter is able to successfully remove the noise from the network. These and other filters are currently available on the market for use in combination with PLC solutions worldwide (see Eandis offer).

Traditional solutions place one gateway in the substation, which gathers all meter data through the feeder and connects to the central server of the DSO. This results in long communication paths and fragility of the communication. In order to further increase the reliability and bandwidth of the PLC system, Eandis uses multiple gateways. Namely, every smart meter can act as a gateway to communicate data to the central servers. The components and know how is offered to DSOs worldwide (see Eandis offer).

In 2013, Eandis successfully rolled-out the technology for 40 000 households. In this project, the multi-gateway filtered PLC technology is fully compliant with the operational Meter Data Management systems. 

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