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Challenges and solutions

New developments in the energy landscape

The energy landscape is changing rapidly. 

  • In the past, there were only a small number of large central power generators. In recent years, however, a huge number of small green power generators have emerged throughout Belgium.
  • To protect the environment, we must also show greater awareness in our use of energy. Energy consumers therefore need to be well informed about their consumption. Measuring is knowing.
  • Finally, research is also predicting that we will consume more and more electricity, for example by replacing fossil fuels, or through the emergence of new technologies such as heat pumps or electric cars. 

Eandis wants to respond to all these developments as efficiently as possible. One way of doing this is to research and invest in new technologies. These include ‘smart grids’, to actively manage the grid, and ‘Electronic meter’, a new generation of consumption meters that enable bidirectional communication with the customer.

Another challenge is coming from rapidly changing customer expectations. Eandis is responding to this through its ‘Smart users’ programme. In close coordination with all other energy companies in Belgium, agreements have been made on the optimisation of data exchange and all the necessary IT elements have been mapped. One thing is clear: in the future, customers will have more choice and more information. As a result they will evolve from ‘energy users’ into ‘smart energy users’. 

The energy consumer of tomorrow

This video is only available in Dutch

In this video we go through a day in the life of two energy consumers of the future. We see how they deal with energy and the impact that it has on their lives. In this video, the well-known ‘Eandis man’ comes to life as a 3D animation. He guides you through the day and offers interpretations and explanations of specific issues. 

 'The energy landscape of tomorrow’

In this interactive application, Eandis shows you the energy landscape of tomorrow. As well as a general introduction presenting the energy landscape of tomorrow, there is a menu of 13 subjects to choose from. We also tell you more about subjects such as public lighting, microgrids and heat networks. 

This interactive application is only available in Dutch

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