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Who we are and what we do


Eandis offers network solutions for electricity, natural gas, heating and public lighting. The company also plays an important social role in achieving climate objectives, combating energy poverty and the independent management of energy data. Eandis is active in 229 cities and municipalities in Flanders and employs around 4 000 people.

Natural gas and electricity are supplied to your home or workplace via a distribution system consisting of pipes (low or medium pressure) and cables (low or medium voltage). The principal mission of Eandis is the administration of that system. Eandis therefore stands for Electricity, nAtural gas, Networks and DIStribution.

What do these operations involve? Examples of what Eandis does: constructing and maintaining distribution systems, providing the connections to your home or office, resolving breakdowns and faults in the grid and reading your meters.

Rational energy use

Eandis also has a social mission. We promote the rational consumption of energy. Private individuals and municipalities can contact us for advice about rational use of energy (RUE): energy-efficient construction and renovation, energy-efficient installations etc. If you make energy-saving investments, you can even request an RUE premium from Eandis.

We also help improve the environment through our efforts in the area of technological innovation: for example we are actively involved in the development of smart meters and smart grids. We also develop energy-saving services for local authorities, for example in the fields of public lighting and sustainable mobility.

Help for people who have difficulty paying

Another part of our social mission is our role as a ´social provider´. We supply energy to customers who cannot find a commercial energy provider. In some cases we install budget meters so customers can pay their energy consumption upfront. This helps them manage their energy budget sensibly, without sacrificing anything in terms of convenience.


Who does what in the energy sector?

This video gives you a clear view of the role of Eandis, as well as the other main players in the Flemish energy landscape: producers, providers, gas transport company Fluxys, transmission grid operator Elia and the regulators.

This video is only available in Dutch

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