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Our mission, vision and values

Our mission

'To connect society via our network solutions in a sustainable way.'

Our vision

  • Managing networks in a safe, affordable and reliable way.
  • Promoting the efficient operation of the energy market, as an independent data manager.
  • Helping to achieve the climate objectives, as a Flemish energy knowledge centre.
  • Helping to reduce energy poverty, in collaboration with all the parties involved.


Our values 

The values of Eandis are the DNA of our company. They make clear 'who we are' and 'what we stand for' - in short: the things that characterise us and make us what we are.

Our values give direction to our behaviour and determine how we, as an organisation and as individual employees:

  • put our mission, vision and values into practice to realise our vision
  • work on a daily basis with stakeholders who have an interest in the proper functioning of our organisation. 

Our values:

  • driven by professionalism
  • integrity at all times
  • honouring our commitments
  • stronger together 

You can read more about our values in the Ethisch Charter of Eandis. 

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