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Living tomorrow

Interactive guided tour

Eandis stands for the energy distribution system of the future and wants to share its knowledge with the outside world. That is why we are a partner in the 'Living Tomorrow 2020' project. This is a platform for demonstration and innovation that conducts research and raises awareness on our future homes, daily lives and work.

Through an interactive guided tour of the ‘House of the Future’ in Vilvoorde, Eandis outlines what an energy consumer's life may look like in the future. The visitor has a chance to find out about innovative technologies and trends in the world of energy distribution in an easily understandable way. 


View our video to taste the atmosphere.

This video is only available in Dutch

Reserve your visit via the Living Tomorrow website. You can visit the House of the Future either as a group (custom guided tours, during the week) or as an individual (standard guided tour every first and third Sunday of the month, at 11:00 and 14:00). View the calendar on the Living Tomorrow website.

Key features of energy distribution in the future

The energy story of the future is presented in an easily understandable way across the various areas of Living Tomorrow. We have highlighted a number of these. 

'The energy consumer of tomorrow'

We have followed a day in the life of two energy consumers of the future. In Living Tomorrow you see how they manage energy and the impact that it has on their lives.


This video is only available in Dutch

'The energy landscape of tomorrow’

In the house of the future there is an interactive video wall. This gives visitors a virtual tour of the energy landscape of tomorrow. 

'My energy'

Using the 'My energy' home display, the energy consumer of tomorrow can monitor and adjust the energy applications in his home in very visual ways: the battery status of an electric vehicle, maximum consumption settings, alarm signals if appliances are faulty etc.
Home display my energy

Smart Meters display

A display featuring smart meters shows what smart meters (for gas, electricity, hot and cold water and heat) look like in real life. The animation uses LED lights to demonstrate the communication principle of the data flows.

Opstelling slimme meters

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