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You can find full information about Synductis (including a summary of all sites) at the Synductis site.

Eandis is one of the founding members of Synductis, a joint venture between a number of utility companies. Apart from Eandis, these are:

  • FARYS (drinking water, sewage and roads)
  • IWVA -Intercommunale Waterleidingsmaatschappij van Veurne-Ambacht (drinking water and sewage)
  • IWVB - Intercommunale voor Waterbedeling in Vlaams Brabant (drinking water)
  • Proximus (telecommunications): temporary member with observer status

Other utility companies may also join.

The aim of Synductis is to reduce nuisance associated with works

Werken gecoördineerd door SynductisThe utility companies concerned coordinate their infrastructure works, based on a joint approach. By working together as much as possible, we can reduce the frequency of roadworks and other works in public areas. This allows us to reduce nuisance in your street.

By carrying out works in a coordinated way, they are also done more efficiently than if each project was carried out separately. Synductis is therefore able to offer a faster and cheaper service to your municipality or city, which is our customer.

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