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OFF & we stay ON

At the request of the four Ministers for Energy in Belgium, the FPS Economy has started a campaign to prevent energy shortages in the winter. As a specialist in rational use of energy, Eandis fully supports this initiative. 

Get involved

Check whether you can tone down some of your energy wasters at home. Read the leaflet about what you can do so we can all stay 'ON' together this winter. Share your experiences online or put a poster on your door.
For full information and campaign materials, visit the campaign site at

Use less forever

If we all take a little care during the winter, we can help to prevent energy shortages. Better still, you can reduce your energy consumption forever by making changes to some of your habits or through smart investment.

If you replace your old halogen light fittings with LED lights or allow your old freezer or washing machine to go into well-deserved retirement, you can save both money and energy all year round. So this is the perfect time to take a critical look around your house and come up with some projects to bring to the negotiating table!

Do you need inspiration? (only in Dutch and French)

Take a walk through our virtual RUE house and view our energy saving tips.

Do not be deterred from making a smart investment. You can get subsidies from us for many of these interventions. View the subsidies we have to offer.

Visit "Save energy" for a full overview of all our information. 

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