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In practice, the Board of Directors of Eandis authorises Eandis employees to make decisions every day. This means that employees can sign binding documents.

As a counterparty, you may want confirmation that the Eandis employee concerned is authorised to sign particular documents.

You can use the tool below to consult that information easily. 

How does it work?

Enter the first name and surname of an Eandis executive.
From top to bottom, you will see

  • the job title
  • the work address
  • the authorisation level of the Eandis employee. 

The last item indicates the position of the executive within the organisation: from chief executive officer (N-0), managing director (N-1), head of division or deputy head (N-2), to head of department (N-3 and N-4).
The seniority of a colleague within the organisation determines the amount to which he or she can commit Eandis by signing a document.

The limits on these amounts are as follows:

  • up to 1 500 euro:

Employee with the required authorisation profile in that specific role

  • up to 5 000 euro:

Requesting party + line manager N-4

  • up to 25 000 euro:

Line manager of requesting party N-4 + level N-3

  • up to 125 000 euro:

Level N-3 + level N-2

  • up to 500 000 euro:

Level N-2 + level N-1

  • up to 2,5 miljoen euro:

Level N-1 + level N

  • Above 2,5 miljoen euro:

2 members of the Board of Directors of |Eandis The approval must be requested beforehand from the Board of Directors of the company. In exceptional cases, very urgent transactions must be ratified subsequently by the Board of Directors. Pending this ratification,the transaction is approved by two authorised individuals (N and N-1).

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