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HR, Strategic and Audit Committee

Eandis HR Committee

The HR Committee monitors developments in the personnel policy of Eandis. It considers issues relating to appointments, remuneration policy, the intended organisation chart and personnel requirements, among other areas.

The HR Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Eandis Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee is a platform for consultation between Eandis and its shareholders which deals with the policy options facing Eandis.

The Strategic Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Board of Directors also chairs the meetings of the Strategic Committee.

Eandis Audit Committee

The work of the Audit Committee focuses on the financial results of Eandis (and how these are reported), the evolution of tariffs, budgeting and finances.

In terms of internal auditing, the Committee produces a multiyear plan and an annual plan, analyses the results of audits that are carried out and follows up on the recommendations made. Finally the Audit Committee also reviews performance reports and the progress towards the achievement of Eandis' strategic goals.

The Audit Committee reports its findings to the Board of Directors.

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