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Eandis System Operator cvba is the independent company that carries out operating activities and discharges the public service obligations in the areas of electricity and natural gas on behalf of account of 7 distribution system operators for electricity and gas: Gaselwest, Imea, Imewo, Intergem, Iveka, Iverlek ans Sibelgas. 

Our subsidiaries are De Stroomlijn cvba, Atrias cvba, Synductis cvba, warmte@vlaanderen cvba and Fluvius cvba.

By decision of the Flemish energy regulator VREG on October 29th, 2009, Eandis was recognised as the operating company for the distribution system operator. Eandis System Operator operates at cost price and therefore does not make profits or losses.

The Eandis Economic Group consists of Eandis System Operator cvba, with its consolidated subsidiaries, and the 7 distribution system operators.

Company profile


All shares in Eandis System Operator cvba are held by the 7 distribution system opertaors:

  shares %
GASELWEST 2.852.920 16,60%
IMEA 2.365.216 13,76%
IMEWO 3.853.144 22,42%
INTERGEM 1.881.507 10,95%
IVEKA 2.465.460 14,34%
IVERLEK 3.339.885 19,43%
SIBELGAS 430.972 2,51%
TOTAAL 17.189.104 100,00%



Operational area

Eandis is active in 229 Flemish cities and municipalities (plus 4 Walloon municipalities Gaselwest).

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