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Using the natural gas network

Tariffs are approved by the ‘Vlaamse Regulator van de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt’ (VREG, Flemish Regulator for the Electricity and Gas Market) and apply as from 1 January 2015.

General provisions

The tariffs are excluding Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax is paid by the supplier and is charged to the user of the distribution system.
For your information we would also like to state that, beside the distribution system tariffs, the costs of the transmission network will be charged separately by the transmission company to the user of the transmission network. More information on this subject can be found in the section natural gas transmission.

New taxes or duties of any kind as well as increases of existing taxes and fees imposed by an authorised public body and related to (the use of) the installations used for transmission, changing the pressure within the distribution system, the distribution, measurement and/or use of natural gas (this is a non-exhaustive list) will be included in the tariffs or be charged separately through the supplier to the user of the distribution system in accordance with the provisions of the connection contract.

View your distribution tariffs for use of the natural gas network in our handy application by clicking on the button below.

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