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Eandis' offer

A validated test environment with smart meters of Eandis

Product developers are able to carry out their test routines in a validated test environment. Eandis provides two test platforms for interested parties to log in to.

Eandis offers:


  • 22 hour test slots - if used over multiple days, the test time provided simply runs on.
  • A guarantee that within a reasonable period all active smart meter variants (*) will always be offered on this test platform.
  • communication of updates (to developers who have an agreement with Eandis) so that compatible applications can be developed at any time.
  • a service provided on working days to ensure that the test platform is kept functioning and up to date.
  • For a summary of the technical specifications, see ‘More information’.


Terms and Conditions

  • Parties wishing to make use of this offer must conclude a (1 year) agreement with Eandis
  • Eandis offers opportunities to use the testing environment and reserve test slots free of charge. We do ask you to reserve the test slots 7 days in advance whenever possible. You can reserve test slots via


After concluding a user agreement, you can login to our system using your access code (you will be sent a link).

(*) All smart meter variants within the Eandis operational area.

An opportunity to request activation of the user port for network users with a smart meter

By default, the user port on the smart meter cabinet is locked to all data traffic. Customers must therefore request Eandis to activate the user port on their Smart Meter. This can be done free of charge during a test phase and only in the Eandis smart meter project pilot areas. This request can be made by the customer, by a third party authorised by the customer or by an energy provider.

Terms and Conditions

  • When requested by a third party or energy provider, a contract must be signed that guarantees the privacy of the customers involved. In addition to the contract, a request form must be submitted for each user port that is to be activated. The contract and application form can be requested here.
  • When requested by a network user, only a contract needs to be signed. This contract can be found here.
  • A request to activate a user port can only be made by network users within the smart meter project pilot area.
  • Eandis may alter the functions and specifications of the smart meter and therefore of the user port at any time, without prior discussion or notification.
  • The data made available via the user port are non-validated measurement data for electricity and gas. They have not yet been processed by the network operator and they consequently have no legal validity. The data are therefore purely indicative in nature and must not under any circumstances be viewed as consumption data in the sense of the Technical Regulation on Electricity and Gas Distribution. This agreement does not entail any obligations in relation to measurement data for Eandis other than those explicitly set out in the Technical Regulations on Distribution. Consequently Eandis will not provide any support with the conversion of non-validated consumption data from the user port to the data used for billing.

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