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Eandis concept eMUCS

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Four Belgian DSO’s (Eandis, Infrax, Sibelga and Resa) are further developing the eMUCS specification documents. Other DNB’s are welcome to join.

The goal of eMUCS, the extended Multi Utility Companion Specifications, is to reach a standardized protocol implementation and functional hardware requirements related to the communication between several meter types, communication devices and the head end system.


The actual status of standardization of Smart Meters results in a high level description used as foundation of technical requirements. The detailed technical specifications itself need to be described in companion specifications.
To obtain interoperability between meters in a smart meter communication network, it is necessary that all communication between the smart network components is done in a very consistent way. Detailed description of the interfaces must avoid incompatibility between the components in the E2E communication chain. This becomes extremely important for a Multi Utility since several meter types need to be supported.
Therefore, eMUCS takes especially into account following functionalities:

  • The versatility towards different smart meter types (electricity-, puls-, gas-, heat-, water-…)
  • Firmware upgrade requirements
  • Security by design
  • A robust and flexible communication concept

Main drivers of eMUCS are: future proofness; re-use standards where possible; based on business use cases and functional requirements to get exactly what is needed.

eMUCS specs

The extended Multi Utility Companion Specifications (eMUCS) is a set of detailed interface descriptions. 
It is an extension of already defined Companion Standards:

  • For electricity meters according to DLMS, it is to a large extend based upon IDIS (Interoperable Device Interface Specification) Package 3
  • For gas-, heat,- pulse-, electricity-,… meters according to (wireless)MBus, It is to a large extend based upon OMS (Open Metering System) Specification Generation 4.

eMUCS describes:

  • The option chosen if IDIS/OMS allows for different implementation possibilities
  • The specifications for extra functionalities, not defined in IDIS or OMS
  • The deviations towards IDIS and OMS, due to specific requirements (e.g. legal obligations, security restrictions,…)

eMUCS has to be considered as an open platform, with building blocks for several interfaces.
Following interfaces are relevant at this moment:

  • eMUCS H = the interface specification towards the HAN device or HAN application (e.g. in home displays)
  • eMUCS MDLMS = the interface specification between HES or Communication module and E-meter, based on DLMS protocol
  • eMUCS MMBus = the interface specification between meters based on MBus protocol and E-meter or Communication module
  • eMUCS P0 = the interface specification towards a mobile device of an installation technician

Schematically, eMUCS can be used in following high level architectural view:


Arcitectural view 2

All documents are written in a similar structured way. Corresponding functionality specifications can be found in the same paragraph throughout all documents. 
This makes it easy to understand a specific functionality E2E: One only has to read ‘horizontally’ the same paragraph of all the relevant documents.

Additional technical highlights:

  • Security by design:
    • All meters have at least symmetrical encryption; keys are exchanged on a regular base
    • Exchange of keys and/or certificates is defined
  • Future proof:
    • It must be possible to do a remote firmware upgrade of all not metrological FW of all components
    • Flexibility of architecture by using building blocks for several interfaces

These specifications and used concepts are certainly very useful for any DSO or supplier looking for in depth specifications.

Everyone who wants to participate in elaborating eMUCS towards an even more complete companion standard, can contact: 
Also any feedback is highly appreciated.

Disclaimer: for information purposes only.The information on this webpage is subject to changes without prior notification. These documents are no official specification documents of a procurement procedure

eMUCS downloads

Please be aware that downloading all documents simultaneously (13Mb) may exceed your Mail box size limit

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