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Eandis and HAN interface

The Eandis smart meters are able to offer a detailed view of a network user's energy consumption and generation. To address the growing need for energy data, Eandis shares the technical specifications of the user port on its smart meters (the user port was previously also called the HAN-interface/Home Area Network or P1 port).

Slimme meter

The user port allows developers to develop new and innovative applications that will allow network users (consumers, businesses and organisations) to analyse and reduce their energy consumption. The technical specifications explain how the energy information provided by an Eandis smart meter installation can be processed.

  1. As a party facilitating the market, Eandis offers a validated test environment to product developers who wish to carry out test routines on their smart meter applications. Contact us for more information at

    View the specifications and request forms here.
  2. By default, the user port on the smart meter cabinet is locked to all data traffic. Customers must therefore ask Eandis to activate the user port on their Smart Meter. This request can be made by the customer or by a third party authorised by the customer.

    View the contract and application forms here.

If an open user port gets locked when this is not desired, for example due to a specific network problem affecting the customer, reactivation should be requested by sending an email to

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